Frequently Asked Questions

What about HD Wedding Video(High Definition)?

DVP shoots all our videos in stunning HD, Blu Ray is available.

High Definition or HD is now everywhere you look. HD cameras are coming down in price and the movie DVD’s you buy are in HD. Hi Definition wedding video is now the standard of videographers. The camera technology is to the point now that HD is no longer a dream. Since Blu Ray DVD technology is now within reach of the average consumer, getting the vivid sharpness and color of HD is the best way to capture your event.

What does three chip mean?

In a consumer camcorder all the colors that come through the lens are processed by one chip. In a three chip professional camera individual chips process the three primary colors (red, green and blue) separately. This allows the best in picture color and clarity.

What does UHF mean?

One of the primary concerns of a video is sound quality. Will I be able to hear the vows? Will there be any interference? UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microphones are the highest quality in wireless technology. These are the same microphones used by television studios. This will ensure that your video will have crystal clear audio.

Why should I hire a professional videographer?

When it comes to video, many family members may like to lend a hand. Anyone with a video camera can record a wedding or event, but a professional videographer will create a work of art for you. A professional has better equipment, and can edit your video into a finished product that will dazzle you and your family for years. It will be a video you will love to show your family and friends often. The most important aspect of hiring a professional is experience. Professional videographers will most likely be familiar with the location of the ceremony and reception. Therefore we can bring all of our experience to every event and can shoot with confidence.

15 Questions you should ask a potential videographer. Digital Video Productions answers yes to all of them!

1. Do you record with HD cameras?
2. Do you edit digitally?
3. How long will you keep my video master?
4. Are the cameras you use small and unobtrusive?
5. Do you use UHF wireless microphones?
6. Do you use small lights?
7. Will my entire video by in Hi-Fi Stereo?
8. Can I choose any background music I want?
9. Are you a WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) member?
10. Are you fully insured?
11. Will my video be completed in less than a month?
12. Will the dance floor be free from obtrusive objects such as ladders and monitors?
13. Can I get a Blu Ray DVD of my wedding?
14. Is this a full time business?
15. Will you dress professionally?

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